the coward


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photo series
"Snaring the Sun"
"Gathering Place"
"swallows in full flight fell"
"The corner of now & never"
"Rays 9 Yankees 7"
"happy hour"
"the tortoise the bridge & the yellow house"
"In front of you (This is too)"
"eye of the storm"
"Flotsam & Jetsam"
"Red Hook White Light"
"Song for George"
"Idina Talks"
"On this day"
"the missing person"
"The Keening"
"The Undefeated"
"The End"
"no place like home"
"the coward"
"mju poem"
"as if"
"You said wait right"
"Pictures Developing"
"you gotta get yourself another best friend"
"Project for a Revolution in Bangkok"
"stage 4"
"Sing song"
"5:13 the good road is waiting"
"driving to malacca"
"just like bob stein's blues"
"Ping Pong"
"art will eat itself"
"verisimilitude is the millstone
around one s eye"

"Love Triangle"
"she loves NY but her heart baby..."
"when they played i'd sing along"
"love can move a man"
"hanabi": hana~flower, bi~fire
"shirley in the corner on the floor against the wall"
"new york city vortex sutra"

"hold on mom"
"please come home please serena kim
we love you please"

"monster construction"

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